Submission Guidelines


To submit a video for inclusion on this site, it should meet the following guidelines:

  • Available. The video should already be posted online without copyright infringements on the owner’s website or channel on BlipVimeoYouTube or similar service. Note that some YouTube channels, such as Vevo, are commercially operated and limit embed sharing to certain sites.
  • High Quality Video. We’re looking for visually crisp and clean video quality (HD is preferred).
  • High Quality Audio. Audio quality should be very good.
  • Inspiring Images. The video should include visually inspiring images of nature, art, cityscapes, landscapes, or similar.
  • Inspiring Instrumentals. The music performance should be inspiring in its quality. Songs that are exclusively instrumental are fine.
  • Uplifting Lyrics. The lyrics don’t necessarily need to be religious, but the message of the song should be hopeful and inspiring.

Sample. Below is an example of the quality and characteristics we desire to feature on this site. The music video is Promises by David Clavijo.