Music Resources

These are some music resources for performers.

  • Metadata for Musicians. “Metadata is your digital liner notes, embedded in every file. As more music is consumed digitally, both bought and traded, the metadata in those music files matters. At the most basic level, the metadata is the artist, song title, album title, genre, and timing. With advancements in media players and various digital music and metadata delivery programs, artwork, lyrics, complete credits (sideman, composer, technical, etc.), recording and release date information, biographies, links, and more. If you’re an independent musician, complete and consistent metadata will increase sales and help more fans discover your music.” [More…]
  • Music, Copyright, and YouTube. ” YouTube has developed a new licensing mechanism. It has created a database of content, then matches the content to the user, and lets the rights holder decide if the video needs to be taken down, if the sound gets shut off, or if the video stays. And as YouTube gets bigger, makes more money, and finds more ways to make it financially worthwhile to rights holders to be flexible about content usage, it creates a viable experiment to see if and how copyright and user creativity can work together. While pro-copyright and anti-copyright groups are debating, YouTube has actually created a system, though flawed, which is working and pushing the envelope without going so far as to get shut down.” [More…]
  • Performing Rights Organization. “Performance rights organizations (PROs) provide intermediary functions, particularly royalty collection, between copyright holders and parties who wish to use copyrighted works publicly such as shopping and dining venues.” [More…]
  • Recording, Releasing, and Performing Cover Songs
  • YouTube Policies and Practices Regarding Digital Rights Management, Royalties, Copyright, Licensing, and Intellectual Property