Shelby Howe – “Fly” (Official HD Music Video)


  • Originally published to YouTube on Jun 23, 2014 (source)
  • Shelby Howe “Fly” (Official Music Video)
  • Shelby Howe YouTube Channel
  • Written by: Shelby Howe
  • Music producer: Steve Aiuto
  • Audio Engineer: Michael Segar at Get Fresh Studios
  • Music Video by: SkinnyManProductions – Kathryn Ruff, Adam Nelson, Howard J. Randolph and Rachel Greenwald
  • Awards: Music Video part of Rock Hard Film Fast 48 1/2 hour competition in Detroit (1st Place!)


Success Factors

Shortly after we featured Shelby’s video, she posted a note of thanks on her Facebook music page. This is a good example for other rising artists to follow. Certainly being a skilled lyricist, vocalist, and performer are essential factors to success. However, artists also need to have these public engagement skills necessary to promote their work.


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Shelby Howe – “Someone Like You” Adele (Cover)


The following is from the original video posted to YouTube on 14 December 2013.

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17 year old Shelby Howe playing keyboard and singing Someone Like You by Adele. Thank you for watching and hit the subscribe as Shelby has a couple really great original songs coming up soon! THANK YOU!!!!

Check out Shelby in the video Hallelujah!


Hallelujah performed by Shelby Howe, Katie Haddad and Lauren Kole


The following is from the original posting on YouTube.

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Hallelujah is a wonderful holiday song with over 300 versions performed around the world. The girls in the video are amazing vocalists and due to their busy schedules we had to record them separately but managed to get them all together in one beautiful home to produce the video. Our sincere thanks to Dave Kilgore for his camera and cinematography work and Donavan Darius for letting us use his home and the parents for their support. Thank you everyone and Happy Holidays and a prosperous 2014!

Performers in order of their appearance:

Other Production Details: