The Fort Studios

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The Fort Studios was founded in January 2006 by Pete Thornton, a producer/engineer with more than 15 years of recording experience.

Production Team. Since then, the Fort’s staff has grown to include:

  • Adam Beyrer – producer, engineer
  • James Rowand Jr. – assistant, producer,engineer
  • Brett Reighn – manager, engineer, producer
  • John Rivers- engineer, assistant

Pete Thornton Bio. For more than a decade, Peter Thornton has applied his technical knowledge, trained ear and creativity to launch regional Florida bands onto the national scene. And now as owner and head producer of The Fort Studios in Orlando, Pete has more tools than ever to continue his production of great records with talented musicians.

Prior to founding The Fort Studios, Pete has worked in various studios and with bands on both the local and national level. So throughout the years he’s recorded an impressive resume of music he’s both produced and engineered.