When You Come Home by CloudNineMusic and Ryan Collins

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“When You Come Home” is by: Cloud Nine aka Clover Krew(301-R.Collins & Flo-M. DiPlacido)
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***For all the brave men and women fighting for our freedom.****
Verse 1(Collins)- His babygirl, she got her daddy’s chain on/ Mommy’s in the same boat but tells her ‘stay strong/ ‘Cause he’ll be home and when he does our family/ Will be complete ,once again gain our sanity/ Starin’ at the vanity mirror in nothin’ but a shirt/ That reads USMC, lonely he got deployed to work/ Because there’s bills to pay and freedom to uphold/ Says ‘I’m sorry baby but my name was called’/ And I’m fighting everyday for you/ Stay strong, we gon’ all pull through/ That’s the life of a U.S. Soldier/ Stars and stripes, rifle, tags and boots/ If it so happens that I have to die/ So that flag on the porch can fly/ That’s the promise of a U.S. soldier/ And I would die to make a home for you”

Verse 2(Flo)- “He says ‘I love you’ as he wraps his arms around his mother/ and he just looks his father in the eye as he gathers his luggage/ They know what that means, there aint no no to say it/ ’cause needless to say he knows that every night they’ll both be prayin’/ and now he’s got his family on his mind as he’s marchin’/ and as he’s walkin’ he can almost hear his sister talkin’/ and as he raises his rifle and as he gets to fightin’/ he thinks about his little brother who wants to be just like him/ So he proves it’s not the bonuses, it’s not about the checks/ It’s about the buildings and the jets, a country to protect/ It’s about the courage and pride, providing peace and grace/ even though it’s been 365 since they’ve seen his face/ but they will never forget, and he will never break/ because they are the reason that he puts his life at stake/ We thinkin’ ’bout you spiritually and we missin’ you visibly/ You’re an Army of one ’cause we love you individually”

‘Produced by: Sinima beats
Words and arrangment by: R.Collins, M. DiPlacido. All Rights Reserved
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