Amazing Video from Western Sydney University

On 3 Sep 2015, Western Sydney University posted an inspiring video about Deng Thiak Adut, a graduate of their university. As of 11 Jan 2016, the video has already had 1.8 million views. Watch it and you’ll see why it’s been so popular.

Until The End – Jalen McMillan

Press Release

Jalen McMillan Fans Shatter Vimeo’s 24 hour view Record, Trends Worldwide

Miami, FL – October 17, 2014 – “Until The End”  ( Jalen McMillan releases The “Up” inspired short film to critical acclaim to critics and fans, breaking the small video sharing website Vimeo’s record. The previous record, held by “Biting Elbows” had an astonishing 111,371 views generated in the first 24 hours.

Directed by Roberto Mario & co-directed by Jalen McMillan & Felix Alexander Riano, the 4 minute short film features a young love turned for the worse. “I got the idea after watching the opening scene of the Disney film “UP” one rainy night at my Miami house and I was greatly inspired,” said McMillan. “I wanted to create a video just like that, only better. And I did so. I used to dream about a girl and when she died, I wrote the lyrics for her. I wanted to write the greatest love song of all time.” “In 1155000 millenniums, I want people still enjoying & hearing this song.

In “Until The End”, McMillan creates a heavily synthesized dreamscape that provides a backdrop for lyrics that speak poignantly of what could have been. In the tracks 2nd half, the production deconstructs-rather brilliantly- into a straight forward beat & pulsating synthesizer, with magical like filters endorsed into your brain. This is the official first video from his debut EP “Genesis” released July 1st. “Until The End” is Produced, Directed, Written and Performed by Jalen McMillan. “Until The End”, is available at all major online retailers, including iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and others.

He set a lofty goal for himself of becoming “The biggest entertainer in the world of all recorded time”, a target that he’s well on his way to achieving. Fans can connect with McMillan via his official website. They can follow him on Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo and Google +. The artist enjoys hearing from fans around the world and welcomes questions and comments.

The release of McMillan’s latest recording provides fans with a haunting and intimate insight into the artist’s psyche. Well known for his unique and innovative use of subtle chords and synthesizers, “Until The End” is already a popular song on the internet with well over 9,500,000 plays and is well on its way to becoming McMillan’s next big hit.

McMillan can be reached by email through his manager, Daniel Rosenberg, at

Kind Regards,
Daniel Rosenberg
Fri-Mon 6:30AM – 5PM CDT
Leading Manager


The Impossible by Bisola

Originally published to YouTube on Sep 29, 2014

A song about doing what people said couldn’t be done and achieving your dreams despite what life throws at you.
Download it now on iTunes & Amazon.
Music, vocals and lyrics by Bisola
Music video Directed by The Team at Rebel@Outsider Ltd
Music track produced by Joe Davison from Auburn Jam (


Gonna attempt the all impossible
What’s not been done before
Go further than the human eye can see
Beyond the distant shores
I won’t allow my past dictate to me
Telling me that I’m not good enough, just not good enough
‘cos I know that it’s been a long time coming
Picked myself up the many times I’ve fallen
Holding on to faith that’s re-assuring me
That this time I’m gonna make it

So I’m gonna go, I’m gonna do, I’m gonna be
The impossible, the impossible
I’m gonna fly, I’m gonna dream, I’m gonna believe
For the impossible, the all impossible

If I listen to the logic, go with the status quo
I wouldn’t give myself half a chance
Because I failed once before
I’ve got this treasure that’s within me
Been hidden much to long
It’s time for me to try, time for me to try
But I know that it’s been a long time coming
Picked myself up the many times I’ve fallen
Holding on to faith that’s re-assuring me
That this time I’m gonna make it


I know I can’t help but try
‘cos I’ve got you on my side
You give me strength from inside
The rock that’s higher than I

So I’m gonna go, I’m gonna do, I’m gonna be
The impossible, the impossible
I’m gonna fly, I’m gonna dream, I’m gonna believe
For the impossible, the all impossible

ATTN #DJs: Get #SetForPeace for #PEACEONEDAY on 21 Sep 2014

If you’re a DJ or anyone in the music industry, you need to be part of the SET FOR PEACE campaign: a world-wide music event for peace. Watch the video below and click here to learn more.

About the Project

LNADJ re-launches it’s global initiative SET FOR PEACE with Peace One Day for 2014 – reaching out to all DJs across the globe dedicate their DJ sets on September 21st 2013 to help continue the growing awareness if international PEACE DAY.

What does raising awareness achieve?

Globally, around 280 million people in 198 countries were aware of Peace Day 2012 — 4% of the world’s population. 2% of those people (5.6 million) behaved more peacefully as a result. Today, 470 million people in 200 countries are aware of Peace Day. We estimate that 1-2% of those aware of Peace Day behaved more peacefully in their own lives as a result, improving the world for thousands of others. In 2013, the effect of Peace Day meant that 4-8 million people behaved more peacefully than on other days – equivalent to the entire population of Nicaragua or Libya.

SOURCE: 2013 awareness estimated with the support of McKinsey and Company.

Along with Set for Peace & other initiatives, Peace One Day expects its message to reach over 1.5 billion people in 2014.


Be a part of the solution…music for change…

What will you do for peace on September 21st?

A Neil ‘Clubaholic’ Kemp Film.

The Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Foundation
UK Registered Charity No. 1142478




O1W feat. Kevin Davis “I Am” Music Video (@only1way @theekevindavis)


Originally Uploaded to YouTube on Dec 8, 2011
Check out O1W (@only1way) Official Music Video “I Am” Produced by Kevin Davis (@theekevindavis) of EarDrumz MuZic. this is the 2nd Single from O1W album BreakThru, available on ITunes, Amazon, and CDBaby. The video was Written and Directed by Sabrina Vest from Gadget Lab Studios!!!! Plz Watch, Comment and share God Bless!! #TeamO1W

Music’s My Life by Ryan Collins

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Music’s my life- 301
Music’s my life-Collins
Collins(301) Music’s my Life
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Written and performed by: 301
Hook written and performed by: Chris Ray
Produced by: Main Event West/Shaun Holly
Directed by: Shaun Holly for Smash Hit Records/Hub City Hip Hop
All rights reserved by R.Collins ©2011

When You Come Home by CloudNineMusic and Ryan Collins

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“When You Come Home” is by: Cloud Nine aka Clover Krew(301-R.Collins & Flo-M. DiPlacido)
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***For all the brave men and women fighting for our freedom.****
Verse 1(Collins)- His babygirl, she got her daddy’s chain on/ Mommy’s in the same boat but tells her ‘stay strong/ ‘Cause he’ll be home and when he does our family/ Will be complete ,once again gain our sanity/ Starin’ at the vanity mirror in nothin’ but a shirt/ That reads USMC, lonely he got deployed to work/ Because there’s bills to pay and freedom to uphold/ Says ‘I’m sorry baby but my name was called’/ And I’m fighting everyday for you/ Stay strong, we gon’ all pull through/ That’s the life of a U.S. Soldier/ Stars and stripes, rifle, tags and boots/ If it so happens that I have to die/ So that flag on the porch can fly/ That’s the promise of a U.S. soldier/ And I would die to make a home for you”

Verse 2(Flo)- “He says ‘I love you’ as he wraps his arms around his mother/ and he just looks his father in the eye as he gathers his luggage/ They know what that means, there aint no no to say it/ ’cause needless to say he knows that every night they’ll both be prayin’/ and now he’s got his family on his mind as he’s marchin’/ and as he’s walkin’ he can almost hear his sister talkin’/ and as he raises his rifle and as he gets to fightin’/ he thinks about his little brother who wants to be just like him/ So he proves it’s not the bonuses, it’s not about the checks/ It’s about the buildings and the jets, a country to protect/ It’s about the courage and pride, providing peace and grace/ even though it’s been 365 since they’ve seen his face/ but they will never forget, and he will never break/ because they are the reason that he puts his life at stake/ We thinkin’ ’bout you spiritually and we missin’ you visibly/ You’re an Army of one ’cause we love you individually”

‘Produced by: Sinima beats
Words and arrangment by: R.Collins, M. DiPlacido. All Rights Reserved
As of now this video is for promotional use only.
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