Shelby Howe – “Fly” (Official HD Music Video)


  • Originally published to YouTube on Jun 23, 2014 (source)
  • Shelby Howe “Fly” (Official Music Video)
  • Shelby Howe YouTube Channel
  • Written by: Shelby Howe
  • Music producer: Steve Aiuto
  • Audio Engineer: Michael Segar at Get Fresh Studios
  • Music Video by: SkinnyManProductions – Kathryn Ruff, Adam Nelson, Howard J. Randolph and Rachel Greenwald
  • Awards: Music Video part of Rock Hard Film Fast 48 1/2 hour competition in Detroit (1st Place!)


Success Factors

Shortly after we featured Shelby’s video, she posted a note of thanks on her Facebook music page. This is a good example for other rising artists to follow. Certainly being a skilled lyricist, vocalist, and performer are essential factors to success. However, artists also need to have these public engagement skills necessary to promote their work.


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