“Renegades” by X Ambassadors


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This video was first published to YouTube on 9 June 2015. Since that time, it has had 25 million views. The description here is from Wikipedia:

Renegades” is a song by American rock band X Ambassadors. It was released as the second single from the band’s debut studio album VHS on March 3, 2015. It peaked inside the top ten in ten countries, including France, Germany, Canada and Poland, where it reached number one. In the United States, the song peaked at number 17 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was certified Platinum by the RIAA. The song was nominated for the “Top Rock Song” award at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards. The song was leveraged as a commercial tie-in with the release of the Jeep Renegade. It was delivered very quickly, just a few days after the request was sent in to Interscope Records as the song was nearly complete when Jeep first approached Interscope. It has been the band’s most successful song so far. “We’re trying not to get too caught up in everything,” X Ambassadors vocalist Sam Harris said. “We’re just glad people like [‘Renegades’] and that it’s having a positive effect on them.” The song was also featured in the second season of The Flash. (Source)


Run away with me
Lost souls and reverie
Running wild and running free
Two kids, you and me

And I say
Hey, hey hey hey
Living like we’re renegades
Hey hey hey
Hey hey hey
Living like we’re renegades
Renegades, renegades

Long live the pioneers
Rebels and mutineers
Go forth and have no fear
Come close the end is near

And I say hey, hey hey hey
Living like we’re renegades
Hey hey hey
Hey hey hey
Living like we’re renegades
Renegades, renegades

All hail the underdogs
All hail the new kids
All hail the outlaws
Spielberg’s and Kubrick’s

It’s our time to make a move
It’s our time to make amends
It’s our time to break the rules
Let’s begin

And I say hey, hey hey hey
Living like we’re renegades
Hey hey hey
Hey hey hey
Leaving like we’re renegades
Renegades, renegades


“You Saved Me” by Alfred C Ivery

Here’s a powerful video by Alfred C Ivery titled “You Saved Me.” [iTunes]


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Lightning Tent by Wildlife

First published to YouTube on 16 December 2013

The official video for Wildlife’s newest single – Lightning Tent, from their new album “On The Heart”, in stores and online now! http://goo.gl/O6VFF

Shelby Howe – “Someone Like You” Adele (Cover)


The following is from the original video posted to YouTube on 14 December 2013.

Download now at https://soundcloud.com/charliestalent/adele-someone-like-you-cover

17 year old Shelby Howe playing keyboard and singing Someone Like You by Adele. Thank you for watching and hit the subscribe as Shelby has a couple really great original songs coming up soon! THANK YOU!!!!

Check out Shelby in the video Hallelujah!

Al Final by Lilly Goodman

Lyrics – In Spanish

Yo he visto el dolor acercarse a mí
Causarme heridas, golpearme así
Y hasta llegue a preguntarme, donde estabas tu.
He hecho preguntas en mi aflicción
Buscando respuestas sin contestación
Y hasta dude por instantes, de tu compasión.
Y aprendí, que en la vida todo tiene un sentido,
Y descubrí que todo obra para bien.

Y que al final será
Mucho mejor lo que vendrá
Es parte de un propósito
Y todo bien saldrá.
Siempre has estado aquí
Tu palabra no ha fallado
Y nunca me has dejado
Descansa mi confianza sobre ti.

Yo he estado entre la espada y la pared
Rodeada de insomnios sin saber que hacer,
Pidiendo a gritos, tu intervención.
A veces me hablaste d? una vez
En otras tu silencio solo escuche
Que interesante, tu forma d? responder
Y aprendí que lo que pasa bajo el cielo
Conoces Tú, que todo tiene una razón?.

Lyrics – In English

I have seen the pain getting closer to me
Causing me pain, and hitting me like that
To the point that I began to ask myself where you were.
I’ve asked questions in my grief
Looking for answers without getting any response
And began to doubt, at times, your compassion.
And I learned that in life, everything has a meaning,
And I discovered that all work for good.

And at the end it will be (that)
Much better things are to come
It is part of a purpose
And everything will turn out okay.
You’ve always been here
Your Word has not failed
And you’ve never left me
I put my trust in you.

I’ve been between the sword and the wall (in difficult circumstances)
Surrounded by insomnia without knowing what to do,
Crying out to you for your intervention.
Sometimes you’d speak to me
Other times your silence was all I’d hear
It’s interesting the ways that you respond
And I learned that what happens under the sky
You know, that everything has a reason….

Translation Commentary

The above translation from Spanish to English was by Greg Johnson based on Bing Translator and Google Translate results as well as a lyrics/translation website. Some of the automated translation didn’t read naturally, so corrections were made.

Interview with Lilly Goodman (below).

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